Sunday, 4 May 2014

"Everything is permitted"

The Assassin’s Creed: Revelations costume for my cousin was the harder to fit than the other two assassin outfits I am making because he lives in a different state. I mailed a muslin for him to try on, but found I couldn’t really get enough information from the exercise to be confident of a good fit. I know there are people out there who can make fitted garments just from measurements - I must learn this skill.
I made all the skirt shapes by draping and cutting the desired shapes, based on my reference pictures.
The centre-front doublet piece extends up to form the front panel of the hood.
This costume needs a sturdy grey-blue fabric so I am using a light denim.  It has to be lightweight because there is so much fabric in the outfit. I will use the leftover red poplin from the other outfits for the sash – and that’s all the fabric I need.
This will one day be a costume.
I have resisted the urge to hand embroider all the decorative trims on this outfit and will instead use a variety of braids. The variations between the many reference pictures gave me some freedom in choosing the trims so, although I have not achieved exact matches, I’ve ended up with a set I am mostly happy with. 
There are designs on two of the skirts, the front of the doublet, the hood beak, and down the side front of the hood.  I am going to bleach these motifs into the fabric. 
 I will soon have a more detailed post on the bleaching process.

Assassin’s Creed belongs to Ubisoft.

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