Sunday, 27 August 2017


A few months ago I did my first studio photoshoot. It was with photographer Paul Furness, a student at CIT, who was doing a fashion shoot for an assignment. He had a particular interested in featuring steampunk style and contacted my sewing teacher looking for potential models or people with steampunk costumes.

I don't do steampunk proper but I have made enough clothes that have a vaguely gothy/Victoriana style to make do. He selected some outfits from my blog (yay for online portfolios) to use for the shoot.

Here are some of the finished shots.
Photography by Paul Furness
Make-up by Simone Turnbull
Outfits and modelling by Tia-Rayel
The images turned out very nicely. It was really cool working in a studio with fancy technology. Paul knew the kind of images he wanted to take so directed me on how to stand and look. I found this very helpful as knowing how to pose is something I struggle with. Also working on the shoot was makeup artist Simone Turnbull, who did a beautiful job. In the last few years I've put a lot of effort into improving my sewing technique - now it's time to focus on some of the costuming-adjacent skills like makeup and posing.
This photo taken by my mum.

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